The Beauty of having a Winter wedding

1 Apr 2019 | Winter wedding

Bride and bridegroom smiling at each other

Generally – the wedding season is considered to be all the beautiful sunny, warm months of the year from May through to the end of September.
You can make the most of the good weather and out door backdrops for your photographs and ceremony, entertain your guests in beautiful gardens and grounds and allow the younger guests the freedom to enjoy the space that many venues offer.

But not everyone wants to get married in summer, and lets face it, it can be a stress you can do without – wondering if the weather is going to be kind to you and NOT rain so you can make the most of everything!!

Bride in wedding dress holding winter flowersn

A Christmas Wedding

Sophie and Matt were married the Saturday before Christmas – I suppose some might say getting married so close to Christmas adds stress at a time that is already very busy with added pressures.

But some might embrace the opportunity to have a double celebration – which is exactly how Matt and Sophie thought of it.

They returned to Exeter University where they had met and celebrated their wedding with family and friends in the university chapel singing Christmas carols, the pews adorned with heavy seasonal foliage garlands and a backdrop altar bedecked with Christmas trees decorated with ribbons and white roses.

Winter flower display decorating Exeter University Chapel
Christmas trees decorating Exeter University Chapel
Winter wedding with bride and bridegroom

Dressed with a shawl for warmth they managed to have photographs taken outside in the beautiful university gardens.

Bride and bridesmaids at winter wedding holding flowers

Re-use your wedding flowers for the reception

Re-using the pew garlands as table runners interspersed with festive twinkly candles on their tables gave them the intimacy and magic that only happens at Christmas (and when you get married!!)

Long tables decorated with winter wedding flowers
Long tables decorated with Christmas wedding flowers
Christmas wedding flowers and tealights

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